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Why Should You Bother with Online Learning?

Posted by Melanie Foursha on May 9, 2018 2:22:00 PM

I think the real question is why wouldn’t you insist on having online learning available for your association? Online learning offers several important perks for your members plus undeniable benefits for your staff and association. Here are 3 significant benefits to providing online learning at your association.

Benefit #1

Offering content and videos online allows your members access to important information that they need in an easy and convenient manner. The content is available 24/7, simply by logging on to the website. When your association provides this content on a learning management software, this convenience is heightened even further. A learning management software or LMS is a software that hosts online content, provides automation to document, track and report activity like user course completion. If accreditation is tied to this content, the member can get instant confirmation that they have completed the required coursework to receive their continuing education credit.

Benefit #2

Providing online learning on a LMS also allows for less work for your small staff. Use the technology available to track CEU credits and hours in real time. Simply use the reporting capability provided rather than asking your staff to document course completion and credit hours, for several hundred members, on spreadsheets. Besides the hours wasted managing these spreadsheets and creating individual certificates of completions, you will also have less documentation errors.

Benefit #3

Make money! Providing online learning to your members and non-members will make your association money. When you build up a library of content, that is filled with worthwhile material, that enhances your member’s personal advancement and industry requirements, your members and non-members will pay for such a resource and convenience.

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