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Three technology trends to deploy in 2018

Posted by Melanie Foursha on Dec 20, 2017 11:30:00 AM


Every day we see information on the internet and hear from colleagues about the latest and greatest piece of technology. It can be a little overwhelming deciding which next big trend will help my association and members. I would encourage all to embrace these 3 technology trends for 2018.

Social Media

Social media in general is nothing new to us, but how we can use the technology for our association is new. Most of us have smartphones. Use your phone and take pictures or film a short video during your next event, and post them on your social media channels. During your next annual convention, film a short snipit video of your speaker’s presentation, and interview an attendee having a fantastic time during a networking break. Post those videos on Facebook and Twitter. All those that are attending the event can see the videos, and those that are not can watch what fun they are missing and wish they were there.

Make sure to use #hastags at the event. Make a comment on Twitter, and include the hashtag for the meeting. Everyone at the meeting who has Twitter can then see the post, and others will join in by posting their own comments.  

Mobile-Friendly Website

Many of us are on the go from one meeting to the next. We are constantly using our smartphones and tablets to access information on the internet. Your association’s website must be mobile friendly and responsive allowing your members to quickly navigate to the needed information. A responsive website will resize the page and adjust to the device that you are using to get the best view of the content.

Simply look at your audience at your next conference. Many attendees are leaving their laptops at home, and taking notes during the sessions with their smartphones and tablets. These devices are lighter to carry and more compact for travel.

Learning Management Software

One technology trend that many associations have already deployed into their day-to-day operations is an association management software. An AMS will integrate your membership database, event management and registration plus financially reporting into one system. I would argue the next technology step for your association is to utilize is Learning Management Software.

Learning management software provides one location to host all your webinars and training content for your members. The members will have easy access to that content 24/7, plus you will have the automation to track user activity and certification of completion.

Each of these 3 technology trends will help your association to engage with your members by providing information where they are at and how they are accessing it.

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