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Get Back on Course with One Great Shot

Posted by Sarah Rosenberger on Jul 3, 2013 11:38:00 AM

Get_Back_on_Course_with_One_Great_ShotI was meeting with a client today and we were discussing, of all things….GOLF. Not that unusual of a topic as Spring approaches, but it was unusual for us as neither of us really enjoy the sport. As a golfer, I am somewhere between double bogey and what’s a bogey.During my days as a Lobbyist, I played much more than I do now as I was expected to play in a number of political type events.

As we talked about the frustrations of the game (bend your knees, straighten your knees, rotate your hands, move your hands back, move your feet forward, move back, fanny in, fanny out, etc) we realized that there was one thing that kept us going back to the golf course……it was the remembrance of that GREAT SHOT! Well, for me, it was also the fact that no one would buy my clubs and they were too big for the trash compacter, but yes – there was that expectation that I could make another unbelievable shot!!

For me, there are 2 shots I made at separate outings that are forever etched in my memory. One at a golf course in Lafayette, and the other at Eagle Creek in Indianapolis. The first was a chip shot of about 30 yards to the edge of the green and then a downhill break to the right towards the hole. I actually put it in the hole on my shot. The second came after our “best” tee shot put us in no-where land. The green was out of sight, up a hill, and over several very tall trees. To make a long story shot, I made the shot of my life. The ball went high, cleared the trees and had just enough to make it to the green and it rolled within a few feet of the hole.

So yes, I still will play the game of golf knowing that I am more than capable of making that next great shot.

Doesn’t this apply as well to our business? The next time you’re running on empty, up to your eyebrows in challenges, the lack of motivation to get out of bed to face one more upset member or upside down balance sheet……remember your “great shots”……that member you helped, the crisis you prevented, you guided your board around a major pothole, and much, much more. I can’t tell you how many times a golf shot has left me in a similar predicament as the ones described earlier. And, every time, I can approach the ball knowing that I am capable of repeating that great shot I made before.

Take the time today to remember your successes and get back out there on the course!


Where_is_YOUR_Association_–_The_Next_Steps_for_Advancing_the_Value_Your_Members_Want.3Need to practice on your shot? Attend the ISAE Golf Outing on Wednesday, July 17 inBloomington for a great 9-hole outing hosted by Cascades Golf Course with nearly 50 association professionals. More information can be found here.



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