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Five Tips For Making—and Sticking To—Your 2016 Resolutions

Posted by Kim Paugh, CAE on Dec 9, 2015 12:00:00 PM

800px-New-Year_Resolutions_list.jpgMy husband and I are huge FRIENDS fans. Every year around this time we watch our favorite holiday-themed episode: “The One with The Resolutions.”

In this episode, each of the characters makes a New Year’s Resolution. These range from trying something new every day to flying a commercial airplane. Chandler’s resolution to not make fun of his friends is the trickiest because it is completely counter to his sarcastic personality.

Fortunately for the sake of comedy, none of the friends keep their resolution and hilarious mayhem ensues. 

Unfortunately for us, we have all made resolutions we didn’t keep. Here are some tips for keeping your resolutions for 2016:

1. Make a plan.

One of the reasons the friends didn’t succeed is because they had no plan. Sit down and figure out how you are going to accomplish your goal. What has kept you from doing this in the past? How will you find the time, resources and will power? What support do you need?

2. Forget year-long goals.

Only 46 percent of people keep their resolutions past six months, so consider setting a goal for the first quarter or half of the year. If you have a bigger goal in mind, break it into smaller steps.

3. Don't use resolutions as punishment.

Many of us make resolutions to punish ourselves for the things we don’t like about ourselves. Accept who you are now in this moment and be okay with that or you will not be successful in your resolution. Consider goals that will make you happier in 2016 such as making a new friend, doing that thing you have always wanted to do or make more time for yourself.

4. Plan for failure.

There are going to be slip-ups along the way. Create a strategy for dealing with set-backs before they happen so you are ready for it.

5. Enlist a friend.

Whether for support or to work on the goal alongside you, having an accountability partner is key to success.

Good luck!

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