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Engage to Maintain: How to Keep Your Members Active

Posted by Melanie Foursha on Apr 11, 2018 1:00:00 PM

New members understand the benefits of your association; otherwise they would not have recently joined. Now you, as an association, need to invest the time to make sure that the new member feels engaged and encouraged to participate early in their membership. New members are at a higher risk of not renewing than those members that have been with you for several years.

Provide an environment where your new members know that you are the resource for great content relating to their industry. Your association brings together the leaders in your industry to interact and learn from each other. It can also be the home for professional development through an accreditation or certification program.

Offering content and videos online also allows your members, specifically your Millennial members, access to information that they want and need and in the manner that they want to consume it. Millennials already expect to be able to pull up information they need from the internet. Therefore your association must be seen to be technologically savvy in order to be acknowledged as a valuable investment.

Something to keep in mind is that Millennials can also be great marketers for your association simply by engaging through their social media networks. The more times Millennials interact with your association, the more likely they will share your content and message. The more viable and relevant content you provide your members, the more likely the Millennials will share information about your association on their social media networks. You now have an engaged and contributing member.

Finally, know and understand your members’ needs. It’s almost impossible to engage your members if you don’t understand their needs. Evaluate your association’s current member data:

  • Are your members in a specific industry?
  • Is accreditation or professional development required and encouraged for employee advancement?
  • Do you have members of different age groups, gender, and race?
  • Do you see trends in that data?

Then, survey your members to find out what they want out of their membership. As an association, be prepared to take the results of the surveys and add them to your membership offerings. This acknowledgement of the survey results demonstrates to your members that you are listening and their engagement directly affects their association.

Topics: membership, Millennials, Member Recruitment and Retention

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