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Demonstrating Value to the Choosiest of Members

Posted by Kim Harwood on Jun 17, 2015 12:00:00 PM

mobile_appsWhat is Engagement?
For some associations, member engagement means getting your members to talk about your brand to ultimately increase revenues and membership rates. But is that really what engagement is? More so, is it effective?

The best member engagement strategy should be beneficial to both members and the association. This means both need to participate in a meaningful conversation to create value together. One way an association can do this is by asking members to share their biggest challenges so they can create solutions. Or ask about their experiences in the industry from which other members can learn.

The important thing is that the conversation is valuable for both parties. It’s not about asking a member to share a story about your brand; it’s about creating meaningful conversations.

How Mobile Can Help
Back in 2011, 35 percent of U.S. adults owned a smartphone. In just four years, that number has nearly doubled to 64 percent. And it will continue to grow.

Because mobile is so integrated with our daily lives, it can effectively work as the one technology needed to harness member engagement. The best way to achieve this is by creating a single association mobile app for members.

With an association app, you can create a central resource center for all of your member needs. Let them quickly access resources and share with others whenever they want on their mobile devices.

Your app can go beyond just offering resources though. It’s meant to support year-round member engagement anyway, right? Offer communication channels, like social media integration and in-app chatrooms. Make your events interactive with audience polling to gather honest opinions. Whatever features you offer, it’s important to consistently assess your mobile app strategy.

When measuring your in-app member engagement, see what interactions members are leveraging. Is there a session topic or speaker that was liked much more than others? Was there a complaint mentioned in the app’s event evaluation? Use these insights to improve future association events or offerings and ultimately work toward meeting your members’ needs.

Want to get a hands-on experience fostering engagement for your association? Be sure to check out the duo presentation, Demonstrating Value to the Choosiest of Members by Aaron Wolowiec, CAE, CMP and Kim Harwood at the ISAE 2015 Annual Convention for more insights on member engagement.

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