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Board Onboard

Posted by Jay Dziwlik, MBA, CAE on Mar 18, 2015 12:00:00 PM

board_meetingWait for it, wait for it…there it is—new leadership. Leader changeover is ongoing but if your organization is anything like mine, the number and type of new leaders is growing as social demographic changes naturally occur. As long time current baby boomer leaders move out, the need for orienting and onboarding new leaders becomes critical. This week instead of my musings I thought it better to ask our peers for one piece of advice: “What is the one tip you suggest to onboard new board members and officers?”

“My tip would be – don’t skip orienting board members and officers. Ever. I review board and officer responsibilities with them every year at our strategic goal-setting meeting. This important interaction provides a solid foundation for a great year.”
Lisa Perius, Executive Director, Indiana Veterinary Medical Association

“One thing I always encourage is to have the association attorney brief the board at the first meeting after election on the board’s responsibility to nonprofit-specific issues.”
Tom Popcheff, CAE, Chief Administrative Officer, Sigma Theta Tau International

I just always try to engage them promptly, emphasize my sensitivity to their time constraints and provide them with the prior Board meeting minutes and bylaws. Nothing earth shattering but my approach.
Blake Jeffery, CAE, Executive Director, Government Affairs Society of Indiana

“Get to know them personally. What does a typical day look like? How do they like to communicate? Are there any life situations that might affect their service? Family? Define the role of the volunteer and staff. Make sure they understand their purpose.”
Leslie Murphy, FASAE, CAE, President, Raybourn Group International

“We do a traditional orientation for new board members, but our executive also takes the time to go out and meet annually with the entire board one-on-one just to hear from them and answer any specific questions they might not bring up otherwise. It’s a great way for him to better understand where that board member is coming from and then later engage him or her in the conversations that happen in board meetings or other meetings.”
Jennifer Briggs, CAE, Senior Vice President & COO, Indiana CPA Society

I love the power of this community of association professionals. What tip would you give or practice do you do to onboard and orient your new leaders? 


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