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Association Marketing Case Study: Indiana Pork

Posted by Kalyn Rose Griffin on Jul 26, 2017 12:00:00 PM


Consumer marketing, as we all know, is a crucial part of business. At Indiana Pork, our membership is comprised of farmers and allied industry partners whose livelihoods center around pigs. Their interest in Indiana Pork is crucial, but we also spend a lot of time figuring out how to get our message out to everyday consumers. Luckily our message is simple: you should eat more pork!

Here are some strategies we use to be more successful and thoughtful with our association marketing:

  1. Understand your consumer and their need. This one is a no-brainer, but can require a lot of time and resources to be successful at it. This means you can’t be afraid to host third party focus groups or run surveys for people you are trying to target. Most of the time, it’s not what you want to hear but it helps you understand what makes them tick—and in turn, it helps you understand how to effectively communicate with them.
  2. Take the time to learn about their hesitations, or even fears, surrounding what you’re offering. We find so often in our business that consumers typically trust farmers, but not what happens to the food after it leaves the farm. We have had to develop ways to not only learn why they feel that way, but also to help clear up the misconceptions and misinformation.
  3. Develop a plan, stick to it, change it, change it again. Flexibility is huge when it comes to marketing to consumers. You must be willing to try something new, recognize if it is working or not and then make the necessary changes. People will always respond to newer and fresher ideas.

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