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3 Simple Social Media Strategies to See Real Results

Posted by Corey Perlman on Jul 23, 2014 10:30:00 AM

With social media, if you’re not generating new leads or building stronger relationships with existing customers, then it’s just a hobby. And it you’re like me, the last thing you need is a new hobby.

This article will offer three ways for associations to see improved results with social media efforts.

1. Fish where the fish are.


Where are your members and potential members spending time online? Are they active on Twitter? If not, why should you be? You don’t have to be on all social media sites.

Decide where your audience is spending time and plant your flag on those sites. If you’re a trade association typically targeting businesses, LinkedIn is probably the place you’ll want to spend the most time. With over a billion users on Facebook, chances are good that some of your prospects are active on that site.

Action: Ask 10 current members to rank in order the sites that they spend the most time on. Use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ as their choices. Follow up by asking how many times in the past month they’ve used each of those sites. You’ll notice a pattern and stay focused on the sites they ranked highest. Check out how other associations are doing this here.


2. Be proud of your digital footprint.

When people go to the web and do research on your organization, are they impressed by what they see?Today, most first impressions happen online and, with a little bit of effort, you can control much of what they see. Here are three quick ways to put your best digital foot forward:

a.  Have an attractive, user-friendly website. I don’t care what the other pundits say, your website is still your most important piece of online real estate. It needs to look professional and give your visitors the info they’re looking for in a clear and concise way. If there’s too much clutter, too little content, or just frustrating to use, it can sabotage your efforts in gaining new members. In my new book, Social Media Overload! I share the five website mistakes that most businesses make and how to avoid them. 

b.  Increase your fans, followers and friends. Whether it's a Facebook fan page or a LinkedIn profile, nothing says small, unpopular or old fashioned than low numbers. So work on getting lots of fans to your Facebook page, connections to your LinkedIn profile or followers to your Twitter account. Always build your numbers—they matter.

c.  Improve Your LinkedIn Profile. As far as individual profiles go, LinkedIn is the place where people tend to go to check you out. Most of your information is public and your profile typically ranks well on the search engines when people search for your name. So it’s important to have a professional looking profile that sells you and your organization.

Action: Here are four things you can do to give your LinkedIn profile a quick makeover:

1.  Upload a current photo. The key word there is current.

2.  Work on those connections. I want everyone reading this to get to at least 250 quality connections — preferably people that you know.

3.  Work on your professional summary. Your LinkedIn profile is not a resume. So your summary should not be a history of your work. Instead, share your role with your organization and some of the benefits to working with you. Talk in terms of your readers’ interests.

4.  Get three quality recommendations. These should be from customers who have benefited from working with you and include reasons why they value the relationship.

3. Be Known as a thought leader

What could you share or write about that your members and prospects would deem interesting or valuable? You should ask yourself this question before you share anything.

It doesn’t matter the channel. It could be your blog, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile or Twitter feed, I want you sharing information that will benefit your audience.

Over time, you’ll start to build trust and credibility with them.

This is, by far, the most effective way to sell your value and yourself. If you deliver this much great material on the web, imagine what they’ll get by working with you.

If you remember nothing else from this article, remember to always Make It About Them. It’s the golden rule to seeing results with social media.


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