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3 Examples of Mobile App Gamification

Posted by Erin Colombo on Sep 7, 2016 12:00:00 PM


Want to shake up your next event or conference? Consider adding a game to the mix! Event app gamification provides participants everything they need to play right in the palm of their hand. Users can view the game requirements, read instructions, see prizes, reach out to others for tips and participate all from their mobile device. But with all the options out there, how do you decide which type of game to host?

Here are three different types of mobile app games and how they can be best applied to your own events.

  1. Scavenger Hunts
    Goal: Increase Attendee Networking
    If you want to boost attendee networking, consider a location-based scavenger hunt. Mobile app users can check-in to specific host locations or be directed to an individual to find the answer and next clue. Locations can be at the exhibit hall, reception area or even a city block. Scavenger hunts can showcase a host’s venue or city, allowing attendees to see and sample all that the location has to offer.
  2. Quiz Bowls
    Goal: Reinforce Learning Initiatives
    Want to reinforce learning initiatives? Host a quiz bowl game. A quiz bowl is a knowledge contest where users compete to get the most correct answers in the shortest time. If you want to increase attendee interactivity, place attendees on teams. Team competition ups the fun factor and material retention. 
  3. Photo Contests
    Goal: Increase Attending Networking
    Another way to increase attendee networking is with a photo contest. Participants complete photo challenges and submit the pics through the app for judging. Submissions are displayed in a gallery for all to see and share. Plus, you can use these pics to showcase your conference for next year. Photo contest challenges can vary from photos around the venue/city to posing with association staff or new friends. Get your venue host to suggest key areas around the venue for pics. Highlight their efforts and prize donations by making them the game sponsor.

Mobile games are a great way to get your attendees networking. All event goers need is your mobile app and a mobile device to participate.

But your game doesn’t have to stop at your attendees. Incorporate your sponsors and exhibitors in the fun while also providing unique ways to highlight their efforts. And don’t be afraid to get creative! The more you make the game all your own, the better the experience will be for participants.

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