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10 Event Tech Trends to Watch for 2016

Posted by Kim Harwood on Dec 16, 2015 12:00:00 PM

For the past two years, Results at Hand Software (R@H) has combed the web searching for the top ten tech trends that associations and event planners should watch in the New Year.

For 2016, we have decided to release our 10 trends in the form of an infographic. Some of our top tech to watch in 2016 include virtual reality, wearables, mobile payments, beacons, drones and more!

We have two tech trends that are brand new for 2016: virtual reality and engagement apps.

virtualreality.pngVirtual Reality

As a new technology, virtual reality has the potential to change the event industry. Possibilities include virtual attendance, site inspection, and product demonstrations.

A recent predication by Business Insider states virtual reality headset shipments will create a $2.8 billion market by 2020. That’s quite a jump from the original estimate of a $37 million market. 

We aren't suggesting you cancel all of your 2016 in-person events by any means. The technology is too new to become the norm in such a short amount of time. Instead, you should watch how virtual reality starts gradually making its way into the industry and consider ways to exploit it in the future.

appengagement.pngEngagement Apps

Did you know 93% of apps on the market today have engagement tools? According to Julius Solaris, editor of EventMB, these tools were the single biggest thing to happen to event apps this year.

These engagement tools work to provide interactions between event participants. They include (but aren’t limited to) audience polling, chat rooms and picture sharing.

With engagement tools in place, your app will transition from a one-time event app into a year-round membership app. Your members will be able to access all the information they need about your association with a single mobile app. Plus, when it's time for their next event, they will already have the app downloaded and mastered.


And those are just a couple of the event technologies to watch in the New Year. Stay ahead of the game and download the Results At Hand 10 Event Tech Trends to Watch for 2016 infographic.

Topics: Mobile, events, Engagement

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